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Hello! I'm Ann

I’m an interior designer, wife, and mother to a brilliant 10-year-old. I’m the owner of ARC Interiors which operates in Lexington, Kentucky! Lexington is a beautiful city with long-standing traditions and full of kind people. I’m not originally from here but I followed a wonderful man here and fell in love! It’s here where I got married, went back to school, and had a child, all within five years. After graduation we moved our little family to Nashville, TN to seek out more opportunities for both of us. We loved Nashville, but during the pandemic, Kentucky seemingly began to call us back to where we started, where we felt like we were at home.

I opened this business because I just wanted to help people create inspiring, functional spaces that they love and be able to create a better work-life balance. When moving back to Kentucky I had my heart set on finding an older home, a place where we can restore and design the house while creating a wonderful place to raise a child. After a crazy unconventional home search (which mostly involved sending our agent through homes and giving advice or sending my husband to travel alone to hunt for houses while I held down the fort in Nashville.) We fell in love with one of the first homes we found and yes, we bought it even though I never stepped foot in the house! However, inspite of the uncertainty I was very confident in our decision because not only did my husband tour the house, but both our agent, my father-in-law, and my brother all gave a thumbs-up in approval of our choice. We purchased an old farmhouse on the south side of Lexington, just 2 miles from the University of Kentucky (My alma Mater) and close to downtown. Our home was the Turner Dairy Farm in 1939 when it was built and some of the Turner family still lives next door. The home is a Tudor Revival cottage built with Kentucky limestone and full of charm. We’ll be rehabilitating the home slowly as well as we live and work here as well as helping clients and neighbors with their homes. I hope you’ll follow along with me as I share tips, and advice and talk about this wonderful place we call home. Here we are, wearing our Kentucky gear in front of our home!


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